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What we do
We create IT events and work with tech communities
Remote Camp
A nice small IT camp for nerds who prefer work remotely. It was organised near Finnish Gulp not in deepforest but with all spirit of scouts' pleasure
Remote IT Conference
Small IT community became a force that shows everyone how to give effectiveness and professionalism whenever you are
Russian award for HRM in IT companies. Best practices and outstanding insights brought from global Tech leaders, who work in Western Europe
What you should know about ORGTEAM
No trust - no contact. We built strong relationships with every person in community.
We create fresh formats of usual events, because we want to see difference not only in market, but in everyday life of our participants.
If you say, you are an innovater, you have to create new forms and technologies, use smartest things and be creative. So do we.
Every client or partner can be asked about us
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+7 921 946 49 64
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